Wednesday, 16 May 2012



Sparkle of love?

Yes!  Sparkle of love contest Yuna tuh..
Entry blogger lain mesti pasal how they submit their photos, video, how to participate, blablablabla la kan.
I plak entry sadis x sempat nak submit photo tu,
First tu mcm nk join, pastu mcm xnk, nak x nak nak nak x nak..
Suddenly,, YES! NAK JOINN..
Bukak je page Yuna, tau x die cakap apaaaa
'i'll announce all the 30 winners for this project on wed'
Wednesday means tonight! -------------------> *gelakgulinguling
I da tgk pun list tuh. Congrate you all!

So, nak amik hati upload je la kt sini kan..

Check the photo!

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